Welcome The Becket

The Thomas A Becket was reborn with the purpose of supplying the corporate world, locals and students alike a place where they can unwind in a fashionable and tasteful atmosphere.

To reflect the cosmopolitan nature of London we have great pride in presenting a range of beverages from all over the world with especially chosen bottled beers deriving from all four corners of this world accessible The Becket for the more adventurous among you.

By nighttime, The Becket easily transforms into celebration mode as a result of some late night license so that the party can head into the wee hours of the afternoon. There are frequent events happening in The Becket from Jazz Nights into Funky Club Nights enjoying the best in diverse, Funky House with a plethora of gifted, up-and-coming DJs.

The Becket is a romantic place where you are able to immerse yourself in a lively, comfy setting. Everyone wants to have fun and have a good time, if you are pregnant, expecting a child or a young mother, it is important that the clothes are comfortable, so choose good motherhood maternity clothes and relax at The Thomas A Becket. Immerse yourself in the lavish encompassing s and get ready to have your perceptions overwhelmed by a mix of laser lighting as well as the twisting sounds of the state of the art Martin Audio Sound System.

Recent Blog

Historic Thomas a Backet pub

Last used from the Rock Island pub and grill, Viet Quan has started at the former pub assumptions. The Thomas a Becket hint -- a replica of a stained glass window in Canterbury Cathedral -- Remains over the doors.

Future of Thomas a Becket pub

Just over a year after Frank Bruno cut the ribbon to start the Rock Island restaurant in the Thomas a Becket at Old Kent Road, the place was repossessed, setting the future of this historical bar back in uncertainty.

Proposals for Old Kent Road’s Underground station name

Suggestions from the General Public for the Title of a Planned Underground station in Old Kent Road Happen to Be Released by Transport for London.