Historic Thomas a Backet pub

Last used from the Rock Island pub and grill, Viet Quan has started at the former pub assumptions. The Thomas a Becket hint -- a replica of a stained glass window in Canterbury Cathedral -- Remains over the doors.

The bar, whose current building dates from 1898 but includes a far longer legacy, is famous for hyperlinks into the boxing world and also conveys a blue plaque to indicate its relation to the late Sir Henry Cooper. David Bowie rehearsed at a room over the bar at the 1970s.

The bar has had a chequered history in the past couple of years, together with spans within an estate broker's Office and also an art gallery.

Four years ago the building was recorded as an'​advantage of community worth' beneath the Localism Act following a Effort from the Walworth Society, motivated by ​information that the bar was up for sale in auction.

Frank Bruno and also the Mayor of Southwark completed the opening ceremony​ for its new ​Rock Island​ grill.

On Valentine's Day 2017, but more than a year after that the place was once more closed and repossessed.

The bar is located on the Website of an ancient watering hole for travelers, also throughout Rock Island's tenure.

Contemporary pilgrims heading to the shrine of St Thomas Becket at Canterbury managed to ​possess their pilgrim passports stamped​ in the pub.